St Ives Jumbo Association – Boats in the bay 2016 – SSF 2016

A wonderful ‘Boats in the Bay’ 2016, good breeze, good company, and new friends made.

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More info about the St Ives Jumbo Association

More information about the St Ives September Festival

St Ives Jumbo Association is a registered charity (No. 1142930) that builds, maintains and sails the replica 19th century “Jumbo” fishing boats unique to St.Ives. Originally developed in the mid 1880’s, our open, clinker, lug-rigged sailing boats were researched and built by Jonny Nance and re-introduced to the harbour in 2007.

For a very modest membership fee (currently only £25 pa) we offer our supporters the opportunity to learn the old know-how required to sail and maintain these boats. This, plus the creation of a new Jumbo racing class, provides a contemporary relevance for these elegant craft to help regenerate the harbour and its community.

With around 350 supporters, our members can learn new skills, or volunteer across a wide range of activities – or simply come along and join in the fun. The charity established and also organises the annual Boats in the Bay festival in St.Ives in collaboration with similar groups in the region.

SIJA - Boats in the bay 2016 - SSF 2016

SIJA – Boats in the bay 2016 – SSF 2016

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