The Tate St Ives Project – November 2015

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The Tate St Ives Project is a refurbishment and extension project which will expand, improve and transform Tate St Ives.

The Tate St Ives Project will transform existing spaces and create new areas for displaying more artwork, allowing visitors to engage more deeply with art. The new gallery will be able to accommodate larger scale artworks and installations and give visitors a more relaxing and social visit.

During winter 2015 through spring 2016, Tate St Ives are planning a period of major construction in the existing gallery. This will involve a temporary closure; the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden will remain open throughout and we will have a Visitor Centre.

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The Tate St Ives Project - November 2015

The Tate St Ives Project – November 2015

The project will modernise Tate St Ives, keeping art and artists at its centre, giving visitors greater opportunities to engage with artworks, to learn and to enjoy in the new and improved spaces.

Tate St Ives is an iconic non metropolitan gallery and a constantly evolving institution, inspiring and nurturing generations of creative communities in St Ives and beyond. We are a role model for how museums connect with communities locally, nationally and internationally. Through Tate St Ives and the Barbara Hepworth Museum, off site venues and online, we offer rewarding opportunities for everyone to engage with the modernist legacy of St Ives, alongside art and artists from across the world, both historic and contemporary.

Reasons for the Tate St Ives project

Sea and road seen from the Tate St Ives site

Tate St Ives has been an outstanding success, contributing on average £12m a year into the economy of Cornwall. It led the way for other ambitious projects such as the Eden Project in 2000 and the Combined Universities of Cornwall in 2004. To continue to inspire artists, visitors and institutions and be fit for its twenty-first century purpose, the gallery needs to be improved.

Opened in 1993, the original Tate St Ives building was designed to accommodate up to 70,000 visitors per year. The gallery and its programme attracts over 240,000 visitors per year, with up to 2,000 visitors per day during summer months.

The new Tate St Ives will address the following:

  • To relieve overcrowding by creating bigger spaces, more galleries and facilities.
  • Allow for a permanent display of art, preventing closure during exhibition change-overs which currently mean the galleries are closed for six weeks a year.
  • Allow for larger artworks to be exhibited in the new gallery space.
  • Plan even more learning programmes, with wider outreach, by having better facilities and spaces to accommodate.


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