The Leach Pottery Jan 2011

Many potters and artists from all over the world have been, and continue to be apprenticed at the Leach Pottery, taking Bernard Leach’s style and philosophy back with them to their respective communities, and maintaining the pottery’s creative principal of international exchange.
UK associates and trainees of Bernard Leach include: Michael Cardew, Katherine Pleydell-Bouverie, Nora Braden, Bernard’s sons David Leach and Michael Leach and his third wife Janet Darnell Leach, William Marshall, Kenneth Quick and Richard Batterham.
Leach’s American apprentices include Warren MacKenzie (who went on to influence many important potters through his teaching at the University of Minnesota), Byron Temple, Clary Illian and Jeff Oestrich. Leach was a major influence on the leading New Zealand potter Len Castle who travelled to London to spend time working with him in the mid-1950s. Many of Leach’s Canadian apprentices, including John Reeve, became central to the pottery scene of Vancouver and the Canadian West Coast during the 1970s. A Leach Pottery ‘family tree’ is available on the Ceramike website

We do not have room on this site to do justice to every potter involved with the Leach Pottery over the last 90 years. However Marion Whybrow’s publication ‘Leach Pottery St. Ives: The Legacy of Bernard Leach’ gives detailed accounts of 73 of the potters who have worked and trained here over the years. The book is available to buy from the Leach Pottery shop or by mail order : The Leach Pottery.

Leach Pottery

Leach Pottery

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