Tate St Ives Phase 2 – March 2014

The Tate St Ives Phase 2 extension will be built on a small site, behind the new Meadow Flats sheltered housing development. The building sits below the Lower Barnoon Car Park, connecting to the level of the exhibition galleries (level 3) in the existing building.

New Tate St Ives gallery space

The new Tate St Ives galleries will be sunk into the hillside with the roof creating a public terraced space. It will create the capacity for three separate zones for exhibitions and displays.
Zone A comprises the existing Gallery 1, Upper Gallery 2 and Lower Gallery 2. A new St Ives Modernists Resource Room will be created adjacent to Lower Gallery 2. Tate St Ives Phase 2.
Zone B includes the existing Galleries 3, 4 and 5, together with a newly-extended Apse Gallery. In this zone we will present more works from the Tate collection.
Zone C will comprise new, purpose-built galleries, complementing the existing spaces and providing high-quality, top-lit, flexible spaces with excellent environmental conditions and access.
Collection Care Suite providing art handling.

Tate St Ives Temporary Closure: 27 January – 16 May 2014

Owing to initial Tate St Ives Phase 2 building works, Tate St Ives will close from 27 January to 16 May 2014. The Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden remains open during this time, and will also open on Mondays throughout the closure period.

A temporary Visitor Centre is open daily in Meadow Flats (next door to Tate St Ives) where you can view Phase 2 plans, visit our pop-up shop or find out about our events programme.
What work is happening now?

The construction company, Mansell are continuing with the initial phase of excavation, digging out the blue Elvin granite and shale adjacent to the gallery where the new extension will be. (The excavated material will be removed from the site, to be used in the creation of a new golf course at the Gwel an Mor luxury Holiday Park in Portreath).
Structural changes to the existing building are taking place, which will enable, at a later date, the building of a new terrace room above it and create a new studio space.
In the Heron Mall a new reception area and a new cloakroom facility in the existing reception area are being created  a new resource room is being built. Throughout the closure period information regarding the project is available from the temporary Tate St Ives Phase 2 Visitor Centre, open daily in Meadow Flats (situated next door to the gallery). Here you can view Phase 2 plans, visit the pop-up shop or find out about our events programme.

Tate St Ives Phase 2 - March 2014

Tate St Ives Phase 2 – March 2014

facilities will be housed in a new Pavilion.

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