St Ives September Festival 2015

This video and all the videos of the festival 2015 are commissioned by St Ives Holidays.

Music by Martyn Barker.

St Ives TV would like to thanks all the people involved in this 2015 festival videos, first of all the helpful and professional Morag and Rory for their help at covering the event.
All the stewards for their precious advice and help, all the singers, performers, artist, swords swallowers, bands, musicians, pubs, galleries, promoters, managers, churches, sounds engineers, arts club, photographers, other film makers, Café Art, fans, Guildhall, barmans and care taker.
Also a special thanks to Dave Brotherton, Neil Shepherd, Alan Guillan, the Jumbos and the Barnabas, Friends of the guildhall, Steven Bassett, Steve & Linda Jones, Mike Cook, Tiffany Truscott, Helen and Stephen Jones, Phil Gee for his kind words, The St Ives Festival September Committee, Derek and Blooze, Madeleine, Doris, Sally, Johnny Cawling, Jackie & Colin, Lucy café art, The Brothertons, Martyn Barker, The Crallans, the people that still don’t know what I was asking for, The Tower / Flashlight (especially Wes for the videos), Jack Doherty & Sarah, Kazounette, Nadine Burrows, Evelyn for the Aubergine, Paul Healy, Penwith Gallery, the french couple that didn’t want to be filmed, Chris Hibbert, Iain & Clare, Janet Axten, Sax, David Harrison and his mate with the ropes, my beautiful and beloved Michelle, the one and legendary Bob Devereux, the people who moved out of the shot, Matt Hayter, Penzance Youth Orchestra, Lesley, Eddie & Belinda, Leo, Angela Jones, Norway Square Musicians, Sarah and the Bamaluz Bootlegger, The astoundingly amazingly talented Matt Price comedian (bless him), Alan & Tree, Brian & Margareth Stevens, Mal and Hugo, Mick Paynter, Bendy Wendy, Jordan Jackson, and to concludes Toby Carver for sharing those long shifts.

And an extra special sincere thanks to St Ives Holidays, without whom St Ives TV wouldn’t be able to provide you with the 60+ festival videos.

See you all next year.
Love from St Ives

St Ives TV
Alban x


Welcome to the St Ives September Festival for 2015 and one of the most exciting line-ups for many years.

Each year our aim is to create a diverse and appealing programme of music, theatre, art and the spoken word and we’re delighted that this year’s programme delivers on all fronts.

The St Ives September Festival plays an important part in the life of St Ives attracting visitors to the town from all over the UK, Europe and worldwide. It’s the perfect opportunity for the people of the town to work together and produce something we can all feel proud of.

The support of and recognition by the business community is essential to the ongoing health of the Festival and this year we are pleased to have their support through the St Ives BID (Business Improvement District) team.

I would personally like to thank the Festival Committee, all volunteers, who work tirelessly all the year round to make the Festival the great success it is ‘… a real highlight in Cornwall’s cultural calendar’.

Thank you for supporting the St Ives September Festival and we hope you enjoy it.

Dave Brotherton

Chairman, St Ives September Festival


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