St Ives – Memories from a Bygone Era

Special thanks to Janet and the other volunteers at St Ives Archive for their precious help to make this film possible.

Film commissioned by St Ives Holidays in association with The St Ives Archive

Music : “Laid back guitar” by Kevin Mc Leoud

St Ives Archive opened in 1996. We have collected information on every aspect of the town’s unique history and people including:

  • newspaper articles
  • maps
  • legal documents
  • correspondence
  • catalogues and pamphlets
  • books
  • sound recordings
  • photographs
  • genealogical records

St Ives Archive has Volunteers who have special areas of expertise who can help you with your research, whether it is a simple query or a detailed research project.

St Ives has a unique and special place in the art world. Material about St Ives artists, galleries and art societies covering the period from the artists’ first arrival before the 1880s to the present time is available for detailed study.

For more than 150 years people from St Ives have left the town seeking opportunities elsewhere and now have descendants living all over the world. We can help you trace your St Ives roots using comprehensive data for researching family history and migration. St Ives – Memories from a Bygone Era had access to census returns, baptismal records, burial books, trade directories and transcriptions for all burials in Barnoon Cemetery.

We hold an extensive collection of photographs which have been taken over the past one hundred and forty years. These clearly document how the area has changed over time which have been used in the production of St Ives – Memories from a Bygone Era.

St Ives Archive has a large number of helpful and knowledgeable volunteers who can assist you with your queries either as a personal caller or by post, telephone and e-mail. They were helpful in the production of the video: St Ives – Memories from a Bygone Era. If you are in St Ives and are interested in working with us you could consider becoming a Volunteer.

We don’t live in the past! Being a charitable organization the Archive plays a major role in the community. We work closely with the local schools, colleges and other educational establishments and have links with libraries, museums, art galleries and archives in St Ives and Cornwall.


St Ives - Memories from a Bygone Era

St Ives – Memories from a Bygone Era

St Ives – Memories from a Bygone Era

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