Spring Tide in St Ives

a well crafted film by Paul P. A spring tide storm filmed in slow motion in St Ives.

Music : “A Promise to Return” by Bear McCreary ”

sping tide

Spring Tide in St Ives

STRONG winds and huge waves had the people of St Ives keeping a nervous eye on the sea at high tide on Monday as water threatened to invade nearby properties.

Some shopkeepers sandbagged their doors along Wharf Road as waves crashed more than 20ft over the top of the lifeboat house and the harbour wall, while others swept on to the road.

In Penzance, temperatures plummeted to the lowest March figure since the mid-Eighties as west Cornwall felt the full force of bitingly cold winds blasting down from Scandinavia.

The challenging weather conditions also forced nine cargo ships to seek shelter in Mount’s Bay, while most fishing boats remained in harbour for Spring Tide in St Ives.

Spring Tide in St Ives was felt where an 18ft spring tide combined with winds of 30mph to 40mph caused havoc on the waterfront on Sunday night and Monday.

St Ives harbour master Steve Basset said that between 250 and 260 lobster pots, as well as back rope, were washed off the pier by waves.

“Basically, it was the north-east wind,” he said. “Anything in St Ives from north- west to north-east really is the worst weather we can have. On top of a big tide as well, it’s an absolute nightmare.

“Everything in St Ives is built on the beach. If you get these sort of weather conditions, it’s going to be felt.”

Rebecca Binney, owner of Ruby Doobies on Wharf Road, said her son had placed sandbags outside the sweetshop on Sunday night as a precaution for the spring tide in St Ives.


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