Cornish Seagulls in Winter

The Cornish Gull adults are roughly 19-21 inches (47-54 cm) in length with a wingspan of up to 51 inches (130 cm). Their head is white with a yellow bill. The neck and under parts are also white. The gull’s back and wings are dark gray. The legs and feet are a greenish-yellow color. Breeding and nesting time frame for Cornish Gulls is usually in May to July. The nest is typically a shallow depression on the ground lined with vegetation and feathers. The female gull normally lays 2 or 3 eggs. Both parents will take turns feeding the young birds. The Cornish Gull is a “four-year gull,” in that it takes four years for them to reach adult plumage.


Seagulls in Winter

Seagulls in Winter

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