Unpacking My Library

Illustrated talk by Sam Thorne, Artistic Director Tate St Ives

Discussing passion and writing, disorder and memory and focusing on some of Sam Thorne’s recent projects,

including setting up a free-to-attend art school in East London and a brief history of fictional artists in 20th century fiction.

Recording of “Unpacking My Library – Illustrated talk by Sam Thorne” commissioned by Clare Wardman.

Unpacking My Library - Illustrated talk by Sam Thorne

Unpacking My Library – Illustrated talk by Sam Thorne

Tate St Ives opened in 1993, on a spectacular site overlooking Porthmeor Beach, marking the legacy of the St Ives Modernists, the artists who worked in the town during the mid twentieth century. Tate St Ives offers a lively and varied international exhibition programme with three major exhibitions each year. Exhibitions include major figures in British and international Modern and contemporary art.

The gallery and its programme attracts approximately 200,000 visitors a year and brings approximately £12m into the regional economy.

With the twentieth anniversary of Tate St Ives, the gallery’s importance as a part of the nation’s cultural heritage is increasingly apparent and we want to build on these achievements as well as create a new offer for the twenty-first century through Tate St Ives Phase 2, a project which will refurbish and extend the gallery.

Tate St Ives Phase 2 has developed out of and been informed by close consultation with local residents and visitors to St Ives. This desire to see more of the Tate collection in Cornwall, and a continued interest in the best of international modern and contemporary art. In addition it is clear that there is broad interest in our events and learning programmes.

Tate is now embarking on a programme of works which will see the creation of an extension doubling the current gallery space, as well as deliver new dedicated learning spaces and improved visitor facilities in the existing building.

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