Roger Thorp ‘Fountain Road’ – Millennium St Ives

‘Fountain Road’ envelopes us in Thorp’s chosen landscapes, exposing our proximity to nothingness, showing us a way of seeing the world, a finite perspective of things. The works strive to create a sense of humility and wonder and to question what is important.

In the ‘Fountain Project’ the viewer is given the opportunity to create their own melody using the light harp which in turn adds another unique layer to the image. In Dwell 1.85:1 the viewer becomes immersed in the landscape.

‘The great sea
has sent me adrift
it moves me
as the weed in a great river
earth and the great weather
move me
have carried me away
and move my inward parts with joy’
After leaving film school, Roger Thorp worked in commercials with The Moving Picture Company, London, subsequently producing music video’s for U2, The Clash, Iggy Pop and others.

Roger has also directed programmes for NGO’s such as WWF, ILO and the Red Cross, working in Australia, Mongolia and the USA.
He recently completed his second feature film. Other work by Roger as a writer/director has been screened in Rome, Barcelona, Copenhagen and London.
In 2004 he co-founded the art-house gallery littlesongfilms.

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Roger Thorp Foutain Road

Roger Thorp Foutain Road

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