Phoebe Cummings ‘Supernatural’ – Anima Mundi – Summer 2017

Looking to ancient plants with magical associations, as well as those presently endangered or extinct, this new body of work considers what we might carry forward into the future, as a ritual costume and totems for the Anthropocene. The fragile pieces are carefully wrought by hand in clay, sometimes preserved with wax; it is significant that their survival demands care and attention. The work draws together a sense of ‘English Paganism’ as well as the excess of Baroque and Rococo design, resulting in objects that might be considered dystopian ornaments of a future anthropology. The work builds on an ongoing interest in time and nature and how this has been represented and stylised through design. The objects take the position of something more than natural: they are supernatural.

In contrast to previous transient objects and installations, this new body of work considers the present moment as a site for sculpture, where the objects may outlive the moment to which they are connected.

Phoebe Cummings, 2017


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