New Year Eve St Ives 2008

New Year in St Ives has become one of the town’s most famous celebrations with colourful street parties, fireworks and a bizarre mix of fancy dress.
St Ives comes alive as the evening celebrations ensue. Revellers roam from bar to bar, joining street parties along the way. Children marvel at the costumes as they catch a glimpse of their favourite TV hero wandering past whilst adults soak up the eclectic atmosphere as the New Year draws closer: New Year Eve 2008 St Ives.

New Year in St Ives can be enjoyed in so many ways. Some simply mingle through the streets taking it all in, whilst others dip into the many bars that St Ives has to offer. If you’re after a slightly more relaxed feel there’s nothing better than watching the party unfold from one of St Ives’ many restaurants.

New Year Eve 2008 St Ives

New Year Eve 2008 St Ives

Every New Year’s Eve there’s a wonderful fancy dress parade along the harbour front at St Ives, through the tiny winding back streets and back around the harbour. It’s one long continuous pageant of locals and visitors who turn out in huge numbers to enjoy the atmosphere. There’s a full range of ages and costumes, from small children dressed as fairies and supermen, to older people in fantastic outfits such as Henry VIII, Elizabeth First and the Doge of Venice. Locals claim that this parade is now 3rd in size after London and Edinburgh. The atmosphere is friendly, relaxed and trouble-free, with a low-key police presence to keep an eye on things. St Ives has a no drinking policy in the streets, which makes the whole town feel safe – yeah right 🙂

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