NCI St Ives – Eyes Along the St Ives Coast

Throughout the early 1990s, Her Majesty’s Coastguard was withdrawn from coastal watch stations. Following the drowning of two native fishermen inside view of a neighborhood lookout, the Nationwide Coastwatch Establishment was fashioned in 1994. Established as a charity, its sole function was the re-instatement and operation of the coastal watch. Inside the first eighteen months, seventeen NCI stations had been opened and 96 life threatening incidents reported. There at the moment are fifty NCI stations round our coast supported solely by public donation.

The St Ives Station (Golva Borthia in Cornish) was opened in 1999 and now supplies an necessary and important assist to sea and coastal customers. In our pursuit of sea security, we belief you’ll use the hyperlinks to our climate station and webcam with the intention to decide the present climate and sea situations within the

St Ives Bay.

NCI St Ives - Eyes Along the St Ives Coast

NCI St Ives – Eyes Along the St Ives Coast

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