MJ Long – St Ives Growth and Change

St Ives Trust TALK

The second talk in the Autumn series was given by MJ Long and her insightful and inspiring talk was a real touchstone toward promoting a wider and well informed discussion for the future of the town.

In her opening comments MJ Long said she had no expertise of St Ives but a fascination with the town; ‘I’m not from here but working with what’s here’. MJ gave an overview of her own experience and perceptions of New England and how the contrasts formed between dense and open spaces are similar to those in Falmouth, ‘the working water frontage keeps Falmouth honest’. MJ explained how the drawings she prepared explored the texture and scale of the Falmouth and how important it was not to dilute the fragile local economy by diluting the commercial route when making larger interventions into the town’s fabric. Her drawings explored and explained the differences she identified and then using Charlestown as a reference she explained how these differences can be horizontal or vertical. MJ stated she was against fictitious architecture as it devalues authenticity.



MJ Long – St Ives Growth and Change

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