Mark Osterfield Interview – Tate St Ives phase 2

The new building facilities Tate St Ives phase 2.

The Tate St Ives Phase 2 extension will be built on a small site previously occupied by the Meadow Flats residential units. The new extension aims to provide:
New gallery space.

Currently Tate St Ives has 500 square metres of public gallery space, divided into 5 galleries. The project aims to provide at least 300 square metres of new gallery space which will create the capacity for three separate zones for exhibitions and displays. This will enable a year round programme which will include a 12 month display of the St Ives Modernists presented within an international context, and three seasons of international contemporary art exhibitions and displays drawn from the wider Tate collectionh slip for all to see close up along with the RIB, the D class inshore Lifeboat the Colin Bramley Parker, and the capsize display boat. Mark Osterfield Interview – Tate Extension Phase 2.

Janet Leach: A Retrospective Installation view at Tate St Ives, 2006 one


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