Keng Konner and the Haakish Maaid – St Ives Dialect

Theer wudn naw Saaints en ar cuntray.
Theer wudn naw godlay toll.
Theer wiz underdz up Welz, ovver Ayrlent
oo skoft et poer aythen Cornwall.
Maaid Eea flawted on a laif
ta braave tha bleddy saay
an brot tha werd ta godless sawlz
en Snives an Carbos Baay.
Ovr Ayl tha keng iv Konner Down
wiz angert, an ee sed,
“Shay abm bot naw licence”
an ee coot off er edd,
saw es ta tell they mounks an noons
thet caame acrosst the saay,
ta kaip tha goud nooz ta theerself
be bad nooz….
Or staay awaay.


 If you’re interested about those poems, you can find them in a book at Francis Boutle Publishers:

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