Jamie Fobert – St Ives: A Place for Architecture

The St Ives Trust Autumn Talks made a noteworthy start with architect Jamie Fobert as the first speaker. The talks have been instigated by the St Ives Trust to raise a discussion toward a better designed future for the town. In the first series of talks architects and urban designers have been invited to discuss the context of the town and give a critical view at this pivotal point in the development of St Ives. In his opening remarks Trust Chairman, Rex Henry stated that, the talks are intended to promote a wider discussion that may develop towards a town plan to which we should all be author.

This utopian idea stated, Jamie Fobert stepped up to the platform and gave an inspired and informative talk to the packed Council Chamber. He established that the talk was not a presentation on his current project for the Tate St Ives extension, nor as an architect did he want to tell the audience how the town should develop but rather give an insight into how as an architect he worked to make contemporary buildings appropriate to a historic context.


Jamie Fobert - St Ives: A Place for Architecture

Jamie Fobert – St Ives: A Place for Architecture

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