Island Jam 2 – February 2011

YOUNG musicians in St Ives rocked their fans as they set to perform at the second Island Jam ever.

In a packed programme, six local bands took to the stage at the Centre during the course of the evening.

Island Jam 2 organiser, St Ives guitar teacher Gavin Nicol, said: “The performers could take a great deal of the credit for the large and enthusiastic audience who attended, having put the word around via social media and a poster designed by Shade of Red’s Dani Smith.

“Island Jam 2 was a massive success, a credit all to the performers, supporters and volunteers whose combined energy created a really special evening.

“We plan to run Island Jam 3 during the summer term so check out our Facebook page for more information, we will keep you posted.

“All young musicians are welcome to come along and play at these events, please use the Facebook page to get in touch if you’d like to perform next time.”

Island Jam 2

Island Jam 2


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