“Ogh Pendre Vyghan”

“Ogh Pendre Vyghan” performed by Delia & Dave Brotherton at the St Ives Arts Club.

Yn kynsa kesstrif, Delia Brotherton a waynyas Hanaf Morgarer gans performyans a’y bardhonek, ‘Ogh Pendre Vyghan,’ skrifys gensi hy honan ha dyskys dre gov.

"Ogh Pendre Vyghan" performed by The Brotherton

“Ogh Pendre Vyghan” performed by The Brotherton

The band’s repertoire is a mix of traditional and contemporary tunes and songs including self-penned material, some of which is in the Cornish language, Kernewek. The music creates a feeling of being uplifted and energised, while at times the mood is one of longing and inner thought about old Cornish and Celtic celebration and ritual. Members of the band also form the core of the “St. Ives Guisers”, a group of musicians, dancers and storytellers who perform around the own “in ‘guise” especially at Christmas time and during the St. Ives Feast celebrations.

Bagas Porthia (St. Ives Band) was formed after the St. Piran’s Day procession in 2006. Dee and Dave Brotherton have been performing music and song as a duo for many years, changing style and repertoire as time and tastes change, while retaining a love of traditional music and vocal harmony. Duncan Gee was a professional musician, specialising in the accordion, who was gradually drawn into Cornish music through his love of the far west and its wild open spaces.



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