Botman Exhibition Launch 2013

Launch of the new Botman exhibition at Café Art. December 2013

Love, happiness, caring. “Too much Ronald McDonald & not enough Dali Lama”. Find something that’s good in the world. “Just love & do it well” – Botman Exhibition.
BotMan uses the term, ‘born lovin’ to define his work. A basic message that perhaps sums up what he & his art is really all about. If a simple little robotic character can demonstrate love & humanity to others, then surely we as a human race can do the same. It isn’t hard to make someone else feel good, put a smile on their face etc. BotMan takes this into his world of art where he creates these acts of humanity, acted out by his Bots. A blend of child like simplicity spliced with the fragility of life, his work reflects the ideal of ‘good’ triumphing over ‘evil’. His imagery delivers to the viewer a moral dilemma, embrace or reject, laugh or deny. Botman Exhibition.
BotMan has had two sell outs shows at London’s Brick Lane Gallery. This gave him the platform then to be really noticed & as a result of this was invited to Ameica’s most prestigous art even held in Miami. Art Basel. Here BotMan got to really sink his teeth into America, grafitti-ing anything that stood still long enough. It’s fair to say Miami was well & truly ‘Bot-ified’. Also, his work hung next to the likes of Ron English, Banksy, Daniel Johnston & Jullian Lennon. From Miami, it was back to Cornwall for his first UK solo show at Cafe Art in St Ives which was a great success. Selling out in two days of his Valentines Collection. Previous again at Cafe Art was a group show for December which BotMan sold out twice over. Such was the demand, more pieces were required.
Thank you for the love & support for BotMan, it really does mean the world.

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Launch of the new Botman exhibition at Café Art. December 2013

Launch of the new Botman exhibition at Café Art. December 2013

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