The St Ives Jumbo Association.

The Jumbo class was a late development in the history of the St.Ives fishery relecting a growing preference for smaller inshore boats. As such they represent the epitome of traditional sailing boat design resulting from generations of trial and error.  The first were registered in 1885, although some may have been built earlier, and were engaged in netting herring and pilchard, hand-lining, and crabbing. By 1889 some 23 boats, varying radically in size and construction (including a converted ships’ lifeboat) were listed as ‘jumbos’.

Perhaps the reason the Jumbo faded so quickly from popular memory is that the class was so short-lived. Only 15 years after their emergence, the fishery was in rapid decline. By the 1920’s most had been broken up or sold away.

Lengthened and motorised, a few were given a new lease of life noteably
Hilda SS69 (formerly Margaret Roach) which was sold to Rye in 1945.



The St Ives Jumbo Association

The St Ives Jumbo Association

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