St Ives Swellboard Shootout 2017 – long edit

It’s a long edit but there’s a shorter too 🙂 click here

Otherwise, it was an amazing day, great waves, costumes and people. and all organised “properjob” by St Ives Surf School.

From the landing of aliens, to the 19th century circus, fox hunters, 80’s gym team, the simpsons,village people, cliff rescue team, mimes marceau, weird aluminium dudes, mating call peacocks, football legends argentina/brazil, seagulls and the traditionnal sharks costumes, we received a great variety of imaginative St Ives Surf fashion – a herd of giraffe were here too.

Shout out for the team that never surfed before and gave their best at it, and to the people that supported the event. Many sponsors, helpers, friends and families to make this day, a St ives Swellboard Shootout 2017 the best to date imo.

in one word: youshouldbeherenextyear

Harris would like to thank: John Navin & St Ives Surf School staff! Porthmeor Beach, Cohort Hostel, The Balcony, The Sloop, Hub, St Ives Brewery, Gilmores, Porthminster Kitchen, The Mermaid, Senara on the beach, Nick Pumphrey, James Warbey, Julia Denni, Judges, Charlie Smith, Pete Mitchell, RNLI Lifeguards, Sandy Acre 7, Carlos.

For more info, get in touch with the St Ives Surf School:

tel: 01736 793938




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