Nick Cahill. St.Ives …a sort of minor English Constantinople…’

Nick Cahill will look more closely as to what lies below and behind some of the themes already explored by previous talks – in particular, if architecture and planning are all about understanding and  responding to context and place, and how that has changed – how do we establish the facts of that context and sense of place – especially as seen from the perspective of history.

Nick is currently Historic Environment Policy & Information Team Leader at Cornwall Council. Although, as a former Listing fieldworker for English Heritage, or in undertaking vernacular building surveys for the National Trust, as a local authority conservation officer, or in private practice, much of my professional work has been with historic buildings – actually most of my work and academic interest over the past 30 years or so, has been in looking at historic settlements and landscapes, from the point of view of both their archaeology, history and development, and their current character and the issues facing them.

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Nick Cahill - "St.Ives ...a sort of minor English Constantinople..."

Nick Cahill – “St.Ives …a sort of minor English Constantinople…”


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