Merv and Alison Davey – Koral an Vro ha Dyth Donsya

Merv and Alison Davey Recorded at the St Ives Arts Club.

An Evening of Music and Words from the Celtic Countries of Europe. Music, prose and poetry in the languages of Cornwall, Wales and Brittany with Tir ha Tavas, Delia and Dave, Brotherton, Merv Davey, Jowdy and Breton born Eliaz,
Welsh speaker Gareth Parry and former Grand Bard of the Cornish Gorsedd Mick Paynter with special guest Karen Tweed. Supported by the Cornish Gorsedd, Celtic Congress Cornwall, Carbis Bay Holidays and Bagas Porthia.

Merv & Alison Davey - Koral an Vro & Dyth Donsya

Merv & Alison Davey – Koral an Vro & Dyth Donsya

The St Ives September Festival began in a back kitchen in Teetotal Street in September 1977 bringing together the diverging interests of several arts and music professionals. The first Festival, which ran from 14th to 24th September 1978 was already ambitious in its scope and covered folk music, dance, fine arts, chamber music, poetry, arts & crafts and theatre, and even featured a very young Nigel Kennedy.
The Festival has continued over the past thirty-five years, with a few short breaks, and with different organisations responsible for arranging the programme. It has always been a very important part of the town’s cultural life, and people come from year to year to take advantage of the very wide range of events that are on offer. Merv & Alison Davey – Koral an Vro & Dyth Donsya.
In 2011 the committee consisted of about sixteen people of varying expertise, all of whom are volunteers. The Committee oversees the organisation of the Festival and each member is responsible for their own area of interest.
With at least two hundred events the recent Festival has been more ambitious than ever; reaching out to all ages and interests, in various venues around the town.

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