John Pollard – What Localism can do for you?

In his talk entitled “What can localism do for you” John Pollard set out an informed and appropriately critical appraisal of the progress of Localism and Devolution since the formation of the unitary authority.

In introducing the subject the speaker explained his long involvement with the Hayle Town Council, which had always felt itself the poor relation and explained how Council Officers, Town Council Members and the Community had worked together and from this the plans for the regeneration of the Hayle Harbour are now coming to fruition. This pattern of Officers, Members and Community working together was what the speaker hoped and expected of the new Unitary Authority. In reality he said the results have been patchy. There are practical difficulties, Cornwall Council is the geographically the largest Unitary Authority in the country with the difficulties of large travel distances and within these distances there is a significant variation of concerns; the huge importance of beaches in Penwith does not instantly translate to Truro.

John Pollard - What Localism can do for you?

John Pollard – What Localism can do for you?


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