Incredible Edible’s Talk by Nik Green

St Ives Neighbourhood Plan Open Spaces Group organised a talk about how St Ives might grow veetables and herbs in public spaces for people to harvest and eat.

If you wish to know more about Incredible Edible check out their video : and their website, it’s a fantastic story with  a great sense of community:

What Incredible Edible do in Todmorden: We grow and campaign for local food.

Follow the links on the left to see in detail what we’re up to. Or you can get involved yourself. Our growing around town is organised by our community growers’ group: find out about that here.

From our beginnings with herb gardens, we’ve taken to planting and growing veggies and trees round town we’ve planted several orchards and there are more to come, and we’re working with public bodies round town to use their land – like the fire station and the railway station – or to work with them on their own Incredible ideas – like social landlord Pennine Housing.

Every school in the town is now involved in growing with us and we promote food-based learning for the community as a whole.

We’re reaching back into local memories and knowledge with our History project.

Our campaigns aim to make different futures happen, through local campaigns like Every Egg Matters, and by spreading the word locally, regionally and nationally.

We hope to make a difference with major projects. We now have Lottery funding for our food hub at Tod High School and are just waiting for the final planning permission. That bid included the work of a food-inspirer a position now held by Sally.

We have also branched out to greenfield sites, working on donated land in Walsden to create a major resource for growing and learning, and on donated land in Gorpley to develop ideas about hill-top farming. More about them here


Incredible Edible's Talk by Nik Green

Incredible Edible’s Talk by Nik Green

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