Give What You Can, Take What You Need – Community Food Pantry

One type of community response to the economic crisis in St Ives caused by the Covid-19 situation has been to set up a number of food based initiatives.

Volunteers have latched on to the community food pantry idea of people donating stock and others taking or swapping the stock for their needs and built 6 pantries in St Ives. In addition the the official Foodbank, there is a Waste Not Want Not Community Food Share scheme, which takes the excess produce from the 3 Co-op stores in St Ives and re-distributes it to people in the town and a frozen meal service for those in need cooked by chefs from Pels cafe.

For more information on the food schemes and other services available at this time, helplines and how to get help or volunteer, please see:…


St Ives TV would like to thank Essie, Gill, Elise, Mo, Nicola, Claire and Nick for their time and support in producing that video.

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  • Claire Best 8 months ago

    I work for Cornwall Food Action (on FB) who supply free local surplus food to VSOs in Cornwall.

    I am updating our list of recipient organisations. I am checking that we have all the food giving groups in St. Ives registered, as we are expanding our services. I have contacts for your foodbank, orchard, and a pantry email but don’t want to leave anyone out.

    If your group wishes to register, please send me a message with some contact details and the type of food you need.

    We traditional supply longer dated baked goods, such as pies, pasties etc, dry goods and supplies that can be frozen, such as dairy. However, we are working closely with Cornwall’s gleaning network and hope to bring in fresh supplies in the near future.


    Claire Best