Interview with Henry Hussey coinciding with his solo exhibition ‘You Cant Outrun This’ at Anima-Mundi, St. Ives

Henry Hussey Statement

Obtaining the truth in the confrontations that I have experienced drives me as an individual. Whether this leads to aggressive, saddening or uncomfortable situations it gives the opportunity to reflect and examine the choices that define me. To achieve this heightened emotional state I stage performances pieces between actors and myself in order to delve into these ordeals and get to the root of them. This has become a significant part of my practice, as I am concerned with portraying genuine expressions of pathos and the tribulations we go through.

The relationship I have with materials, shaping and manipulating them with a sense of urgency, stops the textiles from becoming lifeless. It is vital the works have a momentum and poignancy. It is imperative the works I create are forceful in their employment of different textures, layers and processes which are central to their creation. The works have a dialogue within themselves that gives them a dynamic and arresting quality. Textiles is seen as a traditional medium yet I have embraced digital processes and utilize it to build scale into the pieces giving freedom to interpret and compose the imagery to create a penetrating visual.


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