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Mick Paynter & Karen Tweed – Dew Reun

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Mick Paynter & Karen Tweed - Dew Reun St Ives September Festival began in a back kitchen in Teetotal Street in September 1977 bringing together diverging interests of several arts and music professionals. First Fest...

NCI St Ives February 2011

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NCI St Ives February 2011 During the early 1990s, Her Majesty's Coastguard was withdrawn from coastal watch stations. Following the drowning of two local fishermen within view of a local lookout, the National Coastwatch...

Island Jam 2 – February 2011

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Island Jam 2 - February 2011 YOUNG musicians in St Ives rocked their fans as they set to perform at the second Island Jam ever. In a packed programme, six local bands took to the stage at the Centre during the course...

Simon Starling Tate St Ives – Spring 2011

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Simon Starling Tate St Ives - Spring 2011 Simon Starling is best known for chopping up a shed, turning it into a boat, sailing it down the Rhine, and then reassembling it as a shed, a work which helped him to wi...

Slideshow and Coffee Morning

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Slideshow and Coffee Morning at the Western Hotel St Ives Archive is holding a coffee morning focusing on the maritime and mining heritage of the town. ...

The Silver Ball – Mark Noall 1974’s Feast Day

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Mark Noall tells the story of the 1974's Feast St Ives Feast | Hurling the Silver Ball What’s it all about? The St Ives Feast is an ancient tradition that celebrates the anniversary of the consecration of the Pari...

Keng Konner and the Haakish Maaid – St Ives Dialect

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Keng Konner and the Haakish Maaid - St Ives Dialect Theer wudn naw Saaints en ar cuntray. Theer wudn naw godlay toll. Theer wiz underdz up Welz, ovver Ayrlent oo skoft et poer aythen Cornwall. Maaid Eea flawted on a...

Konner Myghtern ha’n Vyrgh Dhensek

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Konner Myghtern ha'n Vyrgh Dhensek by Mick Paynter Nyns esa sen vydh y’gan bro ni, Nyns esa tus gryjyek vydh oll, Yth esa lies yn Kembra hag Iwerdhon Dhe skonya’gan paganiedh mar drogh. Y nijas Ia war dhelenn Dhe d...

Sir Geoff Hurst in St Ives

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Sir Geoff Hurst opens St Ives football pavilion Former England football star Sir Geoff Hurst has opened new changing rooms and a pavilion at a Cornwall football club. The £350,000 building at St Ives Town FC is being n...

St Piran’s Day Preparation

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St Piran Day preparation February 2011. St Piran's Day started as one of the many tinners' holidays observed by the tin miners of Cornwall. Other miners' holidays of a similar nature include Picrous Day and Chewidden Th...

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